I’ll get something more official set up eventually. It’s all pretty up in the air. Contact me at

I don’t have any. I don’t live anywhere, so my paintings tend not to stay with me for long enough to get prints done. Any painting images posted on the website, you’re free to download and keep.

Original Paintings
Again, don’t tend to hold onto things for long. When I’m settled somewhere, there will be more available. For now:
7 £50 or whatever (you name your price)

I’d love to paint for you! Pricing on commissions is on a sliding-scale. I’ll ask you to cover the cost of shipping and materials (if I’ve got paints with me, it should come out to £5-10 for the canvas, plus shipping). If you wish to contribute more on top of that, I welcome that.

Photo and Digital Art Prints
Name your price, and you pay your shipping.

Printed texts of books or essays, etc. We’ll work out depending on what it is you want.

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