How it Works

What is this?
The idea in my head was like open-source software, but for… other stuff. Like art, and ideas.

Right now, this website is a collection of my work. I would love for it to open up to include others’ work (think Creative Commons, HitRecord). Everything I post (unless specifically noted) is free to read and watch and view and download and use and remix and remake however you see fit. If you do anything with this work, I only ask that you keep whatever you create free.

No copyrights, no prices, no barriers to access.

If you really wish to use something on this website for commercial purposes, contact me. I’ll probably ask you why it can’t just remain free.

What kind of stuff are we talking?
Written work and photography and visual art and video, philosophy and fiction and academic research and poetry. Most of it is written work, since I seem to do the most of that.

How does it work?
You read it. You watch it. You look at it. You download it. Enjoy!

You are free to reuse it, remix it, remake it, recycle it. You can work with it, take an idea and write a book, take a painting and make a film, take a poem and write an opera. You can enjoy it here or do whatever you want with it. If I cannot guarantee I own all rights to a particular work, I will note this and it will not be free for download or reuse.

For the legal stuff, click here.

So it’s just free art and stuff?
Yep. I do not ask you to pay for any of this. I ask only if you want to.

If you wish to support me, this website, or these projects, there is a Support page.
You do not have to pay for any of this.

Because fuck putting a price on art. Fuck putting a price on ideas. That’s why.


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