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Works in the works, what they are, and my status in the working-on-them process.
This list does not include stuff that’s “done” and just not posted yet. There is oh so much more on the way. Stay tuned, kiddos.


  • Planet Zero
    Novel (Sci-Fi/Adventure) – Drafting
    Set in an intergalactic Cold War, 18-year old Joel, a drug-addicted burn out from a prestigious military family, is drafted for war on a remote planet engulfed in noxious pink gas.
  • Cascadia
    Novel (Fantasy/Young Adult) – Outlining
    A teenage fairy in a society of magical creatures organized like the Hindu Caste system finds a human girl lost in the woods.
  • Dieback Harbor
    Novel (Drama) – Outlining
    When a freak tsunami hits a small California coast town, the Hunter children find their world forever changed by the struggle for power and justice that ensues.
  • The Radical Anarchism Guide to Loving Yourself
    Non-fiction Book (Self-Help) – Researching
    A collection of self-help essays from a radical leftist anarchist perspective, outlining the harmonies between emotional responsibility, self-love and socio-political action.
  • The Self-Love Guide to Radical Anarchism
    Non-fiction Book (Political Philosophy) – Researching
    A collection of political philosophy essays explaining radical leftist anarchism from a perspective of emotional responsibility.
  • This Book Isn’t True: A Theory of Anything
    Non-fiction Book (Philosophy/Epistemology) – Researching
    My personal and social philosophy, and the reasoning and research behind it. On knowledge and reality, consent and communication, self and society, emotions, oppression, and activism, drawn from sources as varied as Advaita Hinduism, Taoism, Marxism, anarchism, nonviolent communication, Objectivism, and more!
  • Slow Clap Kierkegaard
    Essay – Outlining
    On elitism, language, and why the way we speak matters.
  • The Tao, Anarchism and Antifragility
    Essay – Researching
    On the overlaps in Taoism, anarchist philosophy and Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s description of antifragility.
  • Break
    Essay – Researching
    On antifragility in love and relationships.
  • Emp
    Screenplay (Drama, Feature) – Drafting
    An anonymous manufacturer invents a drug called Emp, allowing anyone to share a complete feeling with someone else instantly. But the hippies aren’t the only ones after it.
  • Genesis
    Screenplay (Drama, Feature) – Outlining
    Screen adaptation of my novel of the same name. A suicidal housewife with a crumbling marriage finds a naked teenage girl living alone in the woods with no memory of how she got there.

Film & Video

  • Happy to Meat You
    Documentary (Short) – In production
    I’m asking 20 people around the world the same 20 questions and making a short film of their answers. For more information, see
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