Sunday Funday

Here’s some brain fart:

Consciousness itself is evolving.
Its rate of evolution is accelerating.
Evolution can now be consciously chosen.
We can choose to evolve our own consciousness within a lifetime.

Consciousness is choice: awareness of action, of being an actor, of having the ability to act or not act in a particular way.

Conscious choice is a recent evolutionary phenomenon.
Not only choosing, but being conscious of the choice.

Like the universe, the breadth of what we can consciously choose is expanding.
Its expansion is accelerating.

Creating utopia is a choice.
What utopia is is a choice. It could never not be. Attempts to define utopia as though it could be chosen for anyone other than oneself have been the downfall of probably ever utopian project.

We can consciously choose to create utopia in each moment.
Utopia is not a collective action problem.
It isn’t about getting everyone choose the right thing.
It is about everyone choosing their own right thing, their own utopia.

Utopia is then what emerges out of those independent choices: when everyone has the most freedom to choose that they possibly can.

Utopia is both the end and the means: create utopia by creating utopia.
If utopia is the goal, the ends and means cannot be different.
Anything other than conscious choice of one’s own utopia will not bring about utopia.

In small moments, in every choice that comes upon you, you choose the one that creates your utopia more fully.

Utopia is inevitable, because it’s what people always already choose.
We always choose what we feel is in our own best interests.
The problem is not understanding our interests.
The problem is consciousness, and consciousness of choice.
When we don’t understand the reasons behind our choices, we often make choices that don’t benefit those reasons.

The more conscious we are of ourselves, our needs, our feelings, the more consciously we can choose our actions.

There will always be things beyond our control.
The point is not to control those things.
It is to control ourselves through conscious choice, and allow those things to control themselves.

I think that’s all I have to say on the subject at this moment.


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