Letters from the road

Inspired by Lauren’s Facebook presence and my feelings on that today.

To some cool cats (and one actual cat) I have met so far traveling, here are some thank you notes. I hope it’s okay that I used your names, when I remembered them. There are so many more I’m probably forgetting, but this will do for now.

Richard from Ireland – I was so ill when we met, and so down, and so damaged from leaving London. I didn’t like you much, but you saved me in some way. Thank you.

Lauren from New York – For telling people what they could do, instead of what they should do. I was afraid you didn’t like me because I do drugs. Maybe you like me less for that, but I’m so happy you still like me. You amaze me continuously. Thank you.

Paul from Galway – I wrote you off as a lad when we started talking about the sesh. Then we started talking about string theory. Then you said “You know when you get to the oneness of the universe, you’re never gonna have a mortage. Like I’ll just pay rent in a tenth-dimensional string.” Thank you.

Irish Jay from Galway – I don’t remember your name exactly, but it sounded funnily like Mihai which made me cringe a bit and laugh. I’m glad I didn’t have sex with you for so many reasons. Saying No to my own Yes taught me so much about consent and helped me to deal with so many things. Thank you.

Girl from Norway – What was your name? Why were we always in the same places at the same time? Was it meant to mean more than it did? I felt like we both needed space, but I feel like someday we’ll cross paths again in some other weird way, maybe. Thank you.

Jess from Cork – Are you even from Cork? Oh, so many things to say. You get it. You gave me hope. I adore you for that, that alone is enough, and probably for much more if I got to know you for longer. Thank you.

Jimmy from Cork – Or are you from Galway? You’re in my phone as Jimmy Cork. For respecting me even when you didn’t always understand why I needed what I needed. For the snuggles and the rest of it. For just letting me be. For just being. For being a juggler called Jimmy. For green not being a creative color. Thank you.

Squish from Cork – Oh you. And your love of the lighter on a string. When you trusted me enough to walk over my face while I tried to take a photo of myself. Thank you.

Krystianne from Colorado – I have so much to say, and so much I’ve said. You’re amazing. When you noticed my tattoo and I started to explain and you were just like “Yep, I get it.” For the conversation that followed. You are with me so much, in so many times and places, in so many ways. Thank you.

Marius from Germany – For spitting in my mouth. I will never forget that moment. For talking for hours. For dancing to The Bad Touch. For you ranting to the Greek men about how Germany fucked over Greece. I liked you too. I think you were being genuine when you said you liked me, even if you don’t think so now. Thank you.

Niall from Galway – Why do I never know where the Irish people I’ve met are actually from? Are you from Galway? For your accents, for hilarious conversation, for screaming “I CAN’T READ” in a graveyard. For just glancing at that long message you sent me and laughing at how excited I was to read it based on the few scraps of what I could see it said. You bring me joy. Thank you.

Philosophy Professor from Edinburgh – What was your name again? For the beer and coffee conversation, when you told me you thought I’d got it pretty well figured out. For listening. For talking to me about Tai Chi. Thank you.

My Airbnb Host from Inverness – You seemed so sad and scared. I hope you didn’t feel that way with me. I’m sorry I didn’t leave you a review. I’d like to, maybe. I wanted to shout I’M QUEER AND SPIRITUAL TOO, but I think that came across. I hope I made you feel less alone, maybe. Thank you.

Gemma from Ayr – For sitting in the hot tub imagining what trees we would be. For feeling young in an old folks home. For your vague stories of Cambodia. For you, being you, when I felt like no one else around let me fully be me. Thank you.

Nigel from Somewhere – Is your name Nigel? Is it Nelson? Did I keep calling you Nigel when your name was, in fact, Nelson? For not saying why you were there. For what you didn’t share. For listening. Thank you.

Chris from London, maybe – You were so annoying. I see what you were saying about so many things. I see why you think I’m combative. I am. I have a lot of fight in me. You have so much too. I feel like maybe I get things in a way even you don’t. I am younger than you. That doesn’t mean I have less wisdom. Maybe it does. Fuck you. You’re great. Thank you.

Chris from Australia – For cats and dogs. For memes. For the texting. For the genocide comeback. For us both being shy. For the mysterious 15 minutes I can’t remember, for everything before and after. For surprise orange juice. Thank you.

Jay from Devon and Yas from Southport and Melissa from Oxford – What a joy to meet you again. What a joy to be me, meeting you again. I love you. Thank you.

Anita from Reading – What a joy to meet you for the first time, to see you happy, to see my brother happy. Thank you.

Armen from San Diego – What a joy to meet you again too. For coming and going, for doing us, for the conversation when I got to Granada about all the dark things and how you helped. For getting it. For finding love that stays interesting. I love you. Thank you.

Patrick from the Philippines/Canada/Everywhere apparently – Or was it Bill? JK. You’re great. I loved our chats, every one. I hope you’ve gotten out of Paris. Thank you.

That couple from England by way of Amsterdam – Oh you two. One of you is called Jake, I think. I’m forgetting the other one of you’s name. Maybe I’m fetishizing you a bit, probably that too, but something about the ‘lil queer in me just soars when I see queers being queers in love. For the story of you two living in a tent. For the invitation to Amsterdam, which I may take you up on. Thank you.

Quinten from South Africa – For talking to me for an hour and repeatedly updating me on life in South Africa and inviting me to Mozambique. Did you stop talking to me because you think I have a boyfriend now? You’re funny and cute. Thank you.

Luisa from Argentina – For reading Discipline and Punish and letting me sit with you. For the conversation that followed. For the part where we never met up at Brasserie Lipp. You’re amazing. Thank you.

Lisa from New York – For the moment we met, when you leaned over to me and Luisa and said “I just love that you two became friends by discussing Foucault.” For dinosaurs. Thank you.

That couple from Germany – For not speaking French either. For teaching me how to pronounce German. I paid for your drinks. I don’t want to tell you that for any particular reason other than to say, if you ever see this, pay it forward. Thank you.

Ollie from Cornwall – For being boring sometimes. For being hilarious. For letting me conversationally masturbate. For trying to kiss me in the wrong moment. For that right moment presenting itself. For just being bros. For paella and masturbating to Bon Iver. For asking Why. For the message about saying No to social pressure. Thank you.

Clara from Madrid – What a joy to meet you again. What a joy to interview you. For getting it, so much. For liking me before I realized how much I got it. For balancing things on you. For sitting in the church yard across from Ziferblat. For your cats. For your mom. For breaking down all the binaries. For our messages we shared today. For the excitement at the possibility of your visit. Thank you.

Angel from Granada – You’re from somewhere else in Spain, I know. For speaking English to me when I couldn’t order a coffee in Spanish. For never being able to tell if you like me or think I’m annoying. Thank you.

David from London – For meeting you, again and again and again. For each moment. For kissing me just now in the middle of writing this. I am in love with the world for having you in it. Thank you.

Anna from San Diego – For meeting me, again and again and again. I love you. We are one, you and I, we are like the earth and sky. For keeping me grounded. For being sane. Thank you.


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