A guide, explained

I got this nifty little tattoo on my wrist. It says “it is each//all is one//to be free//to choose love” and this is what I mean by that:

It is each:
It is me. It is you. It’s us not being each other. It’s us being each other.
It’s our difference. It’s our oneness.
It is each perception. It is self. It is the universe.
It is limited. It is eternal. It is change. It is unity.
It is the middle. It is balance of extremes. It is the balance of middle and extreme.
It is reality. It is Maya. It is the uncarved block and carving it. It is both.
It is each and all of the above…

All is one:
…and all of the above is one.
I am you, I am like you, I am not you, they’re all true.
Contrast is built into oneness, oneness is built into contrast.
It is all of these and none of them, how all and none are still one.
Everything is everything and nothing at the same time and time is linear and not linear and doesn’t exist and does. And there is no right answer.
Nothing is certain and everything is possible and everything is okay and there are no rules.
There are no rules.
We are free to live by…

To be free:
…whatever the fuck we choose to.
Choose who you are, what you want, what you believe, what’s right,
Life is meaningless and meaningful and has whatever meaning you give it.
What is right may not be right, what is true may not be true, and we’ll never know either way.
Even what we know, we can never know we know.
And what we know is as known as anything ever can be.
The meaning we create is as meaningful as any meaning ever can be.
Everything is a choice, and we are free to make it.
I choose…

To choose love:
…to choose love.
Not only to love, I choose the choosing of it.
Life may not be anything, what it is to me is a choice.
What matters is what choice I make and that I’m free to choose.
To choose what’s right not even because it’s right, but because I choose it.
I cannot love if I am not free. Free to leave, free to stop, free to hate, free to be and not to be.
To love is to be free, to give love is to give freedom, to give freedom is to give love.
It stops being love when it stops being a choice.
To love yourself, to love each other, because I am me and you are you and we are different and still one.
To choose love, a loving path, a loving outcome, a loving life, a loving world.
What does choosing love mean in each moment? That, too, is a choice.


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