Things I get, for Losty von Hildeband

I get why you called it a closed loop.
I get why you have to do the opposite, in order to be able to not do, in order to be able to do.
I get why you called it Wandering and Feeling.
I get why you said I don’t need you. I never thought I did, but I get why you said it.
I get why it had to be the desert.
I get why everything else had to wait.
I get why kissing me might not be a sex thing, why sex might not be a sex thing .
I get why you give out buttons.
I get why you wrote Freedom on your arm.
I get why you stuck with me for so long.
I get why I had to say goodbye, why I’m ready to say hello.
I get why you might stick with the goodbye.
I get why you don’t need for me to get it.
I get so many things, and damn I want to tell you, because there won’t be anything I have to say.
I can just say I get it, and you’ll know, because you get it too.

For now, I hope you’re finding what you need.


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